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Marshalltown Town Skywalker Stilts

A new item in the Marshalltown range. Ideal for reaching high points when plastering or finishing. With the added benefit of a fully adjustable ankle spring, allowing a more natural walking motion. Supplied with full instructions.
3 Way setting ratchet system fits any leg size.
Durable quick adjust and release straps.
Flip & Switch system allows for quick height adjustment.
Fully adjustable ankle spring.
Spare parts available.
*Marshall Town Skywalker MSW218 18-30*
Price: £239.99

British Gypsum Finishing Products

This versatile final coat plaster provides good results on all suction backgrounds, and is therefore the best choice for plastering where both undercoats and board backgrounds are involved on the same job. It is also ideal for small jobs and patching.

British Gypsum Multi Finish Plaster
£3.65 inc. VAT when buying 6 bags or more

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